Open Words

I know what being Your orphan has given me;

Open roads, open fields, open air.

Music that’s mine, and mine alone,

While miles of maps pass through my hair.

Breaths of beauty from a distance,

Taken, cherished, but never consumed.

Grief left where it lay;

I never stayed to see it entombed.

In the dark, when tears crept in,

I hid my weeping from all cold-hearted.

You heard, You always have,

But unlike all, You never departed.

I only laughed for You;

When we danced, we danced alone.

I in rags, but no one near

To condemn me, nor condone.

I found my whole identity

In the love story that ensued;

I broke, beat You, and fled-

You ever passionately pursued.

You taught me how to see the world

Through Your eyes, till fear submerged

Into the fathomless depths of love,

And from all chaos, cosmos emerged.

My most precious treasures they repudiated,

Mocked, as they mocked You,

But those foolish trinkets, other’s trash,

Were infused with healing truth.

So I ran from those who wielded truth

As slaver’s whips and daggers cloaked,

While You pursued to tend my wounds

And mend the bones the righteous broke.

Now You ask me for my keys,

My running shoes, my best defense.

You’ve asked me to commit to these

Who’ve never offered recompense.

And I know that I will yield to You,

Exit the fish belly some upcoming hour,

But only because we don’t wield the truth;

You wield us in Your perfect power.

And when these wound again,

Please still remember me then.

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