These things grow old inside of me.

The creeds I hold, they bring me life.

I know I can’t keep up the dance,

But can I end the strife?


I’ve been inside the freezing rain.

I’ve been the bride on burning coals,

But either way, grace on more grace

Has gone and saved my soul.



So I will stand ever taller

Knowing Who’s on high.

And I will praise ever louder

With my life.

I will run and not grow weary.

I will walk and not faint.

For the Voice that spoke creation

Calls me saint.



I’ve had no place to lay my head

And endless space for my each whim.

At times I’ve been hungry, but then

I never died in them.


I’ve cursed Your name and fled from You.

I’ve worn my shame as finest jewels.

But You sought me out, though I didn’t doubt

The wisdom of fools.


So help me stand ever taller

For You, who reigns on high.

Draw forth praise, ever louder,

From my life.

Feed my faith, calm my tempests

Raging on so wild.

For You authored all creation

And call me child.


You’re the king of every nation,

You judge every generation,

But You drank my condemnation

To call me child,

Beloved child.

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